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Pearl Factory, Hawaii's Original Pearl-in-the-Oyster

The Pearl Factory Story

Fun, Excitement, and Memories, that’s what the Pearl Factory shopping experience means to our many customers who have visited our stores from all over the world.

From selecting a pearl oyster to the exciting discovery of your very own pearl treasure, our pearl specialists have helped thousands of happy customers create their own very special jewelry that will be a cherished reminder of a special occasion or a vacation of a lifetime.

With over 135 jewelry mountings to choose from, the Pearl Factory has something special in the style and price range that’s sure to appeal to everyone. Our exclusive 14K gold jewelry designs are made in our manufacturing facility in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Pearl Factory, Hawaii’s Original Pearl-in-the-Oyster. Original. Authentic. And part of Hawaii for more than 30 years.

All Pearls Are Not Created Equal

Some companies get their “pearls” from freshwater clams then insert them into saltwater oysters, thinking you won’t know the difference. But at Pearl Factory, Hawaii’s Original Pearl-In-The-Oyster, all of our pearls come from genuine saltwater cultured oysters, assuring you the quality you expect.

The Pearl Factory Website

It may not always be possible for you to visit our Pearl Factory stores*, but you can always shop with us on!
In keeping with our commitment to provide you with the best service possible, most orders (with the exception of pearl mountings to be set with a customer’s pearl) are shipped to you within one to two working days. We appreciate your business and your confidence in Pearl Factory.

The jewelry that we present to you on our website represents our most popular and most requested items.

All 14K Gold Pearl Factory mountings carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Silver, vermeil, and gold-filled Pearl Factory mountings carry a 2 year warranty. This warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear-and-tear or abuse. This warranty does not extend to lost or damaged pearls or gems, or to broken or damaged chains. 

* Our Pearl Factory stores are found on the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii, as well as California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Florida. For our store locations, click here.

Pearl Factory Company Facts
National Jeweler Magazine, a prominent jewelry industry periodical, ranks Pearl Factory parent company; Na Hoku, Inc. the 18th (tie) largest fine jewelry retailer in the United States (ranked by units).

Na Hoku operates sixty (60) fine jewelry stores located in the states of California (10), Colorado (1), Oregon (1), Washington (1), Texas (1), Florida (8), Hawaii (25), Nevada (6), Illinois (2), Pennsylvania (1), Virginia (1), Massachusetts (2), New York (1). The Company's active dba's include Na Hoku – Hawaii's Finest Jewelers Since 1924 (37) and Pearl Factory – Hawaii's Original Pearl-in-the-Oyster (23).

Hawaii Business Magazine, a prominent business periodical in the State of Hawaii, where the Na Hoku corporate office and manufacturing facility is based ranks Na Hoku the 72nd largest company in the State of Hawaii (ranked by revenue).

The company is the oldest and largest jewelry manufacturer in the State of Hawaii.

“Pearl Factory, Hawaii’s Original Pearl-in-the-Oyster” is a Registered Trademark and Registered Service Mark of Na Hoku, Inc. a Hawaii "S" corporation.