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Pearl Factory - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I place my order via your website, how soon will I get it? Would it be faster for me to call your Customer Service department?
A: At Pearl Factory we pride ourselves in providing excellent delivery for all of our customer orders. Our website and telephone orders are processed and delivered by FedEx service usually in three days (excluding weekends). Orders that require the setting of your own pearl on a jewelry setting will require additional time.
Q:My order is a surprise gift for a person who may sign for it when it's delivered. Can you please be sure that “Pearl Factory” isn't written on the package so it doesn’t spoil the surprise?
A: Not to worry, as “Pearl Factory” does not appear on our shipping labels. For identification purposes; our shipping labels read "NHI" (Na Hoku, Inc.) with our mailing address in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Also, there will be neither a price tag attached to your gift nor any receipt enclosed with pricing information.)
Q: I won’t be home when my order is scheduled to be delivered. Can I request that FedEx deliver my order in the early evening when I am home, or can my order be delivered without my signature being required?
A: FedEx has a specific delivery schedule, so requests for delivery at a specific time of day unfortunately, cannot be accommodated. If you choose to have your Pearl Factory order delivered without signature requirement, please be advised that neither Pearl Factory nor FedEx will be responsible for your order left on your doorstep as result. FedEx is not able to accommodate special delivery instructions i.e.; “If no one is home, leave the delivery by the back door”.  As an option, you may want to consider having your order shipped to your place of work, etc.
Q: Will I be charged sales tax when I place an order on the Pearl Factory website?
A:Sales tax will be applied to orders if the shipping address (where the order is being delivered) is in a state where we have a Pearl Factory or a Na Hoku store which includes California, Colorado, Washington, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York..
Q: Do you accept orders from outside of the United States? How do you ship such orders?
A: We are currently able to accept website orders using Credit Card payment for customers in the United States and Canada. Customers from other countries will need to contact our Customer Service department for order assistance and information. Please contact our Customer Service department at or by telephone at 808-837-1200 extension 3. The shipping charge and insurance to most destinations is $50 via Federal Express (FedEx), our preferred carrier. Any duties, taxes, and fees involving the delivery of the order are the responsibility of the customer.
Q: Do you ship orders to APO/FPO addresses?
A: Yes, we do; but we cannot estimate the delivery time to APO/FPO addresses since delivery in some locations is handled by third party services or carriers. APO/FPO deliveries (as with P.O. Box deliveries) can only be sent via the United States Postal Service (USPS).
Q:I have a pearl from you that I would like to have set in jewelry, but there is no Pearl Factory near me. What can I do?
A: We can help you! Simply visit our home page and select; “Shop for a Pearl Factory Jewelry Setting”. When you find an item that you like, click on the item to find detailed information on how you can send your pearl to us to have it set (with no charge for labor) on the Pearl Factory jewelry setting of your choice.
Q: How should I care for my pearls?
A: Pearls are the only gems produced by a living creature. Pearls and their beauty are therefore very special. Your pearls will retain their special beauty with just a little care. Never allow your pearls to come in contact with anything that contains acid. Avoid contact with bleach, ammonia, alcohol and swimming pools. Always remove pearl rings before bathing or washing dishes. Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on pearls. Over time, acid and perspiration can dull pearls. The luster of your pearls can be preserved by occasionally cleaning them with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Follow this with drying and polishing with a clean, soft cloth. This simple care will ensure the lasting beauty of your pearls.
Q:I loved opening an oyster and discovering my pearl, how can I share this experience with my friends?
A:While a visit to a Pearl Factory is the most unique experience, we do offer our Individually Canned Pearl Oyster to enable you to share the experience if you are not able to visit us in-person!.

If you have any comments or questions that you would like to ask us, please contact us at or by telephone at 1-800-260-3912, extension 3.

Mahalo(Thank you) from Pearl Factory - Hawaii's Original Pearl-in-the-Oyster.