Product Information

How to Order a Pearl Factory Jewelry Setting

To order a Pearl Factory Setting and have your pearl mounted, with no additional charge for labor, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Find the perfect Setting for your pearl on the Pearl Factory website
  2. During checkout, enter the following in the Customer Comments field: I am sending you my pearl to be mounted in this setting
  3. Complete your order for the desired Pearl Factory Setting
  4. You will receive an Email with your Order Confirmation number
  5. Please include your Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, and Order Confirmation number and send us your pearl, securely packaged, to:
Attention: Customer Service
3049 Ualena Street, 12th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96819

Once received, we will set your pearl in your desired Pearl Factory Setting, to be completed in approximately 2–3 working days.

If you wish to order a Pearl Factory Setting, but have no pearl of your own, you can choose a pearl from our selection of Loose Pearls.


How to Open a Pearl Factory Gift Oyster

The pearl oyster has a visible "top" and "bottom". The side that is visibly longer than the other is the "bottom", while the shorter side is the "top".

Place the pearl oyster on a stable surface, on a towel, with the "bottom" (long side) down.

Using a dull knife, insert the knife blade into the shell indentation on the right side of the oyster with a slight downward motion. Slide the knife blade across the oyster's opening from right to left with downward motion, stopping at the edge of the back of the oyster.

Open the oyster shell and locate the pearl in the body of the oyster. Remove and clean the pearl with a soft damp cloth and table salt.


How to Open a Cage Pendant

Pearl Factory offers various styles of Cage Pendants that can easily feature our customers' own pearls, or pearls discovered in Pearl Factory's selection of Gift Oysters. As the many styles of Cage Pendants vary, please contact Pearl Factory Customer Service if you require assistance opening your new Cage Pendant.

To open the Sterling Silver Cage Pendant, locate the top of the pendant. Place your fingers on either side of the opening for the pendant's chain, known as the bail, and gently slide the two sides of the bail in opposite directions. Once there is an opening wide enough for your pearl, place your pearl inside the pendant and gently slide either side of the bail back into its closed position.
How to Care for Your Pearls

Pearls are the only gems produced by a living creature. Pearls and their beauty are therefore very special. Your pearls will retain their special beauty with just a little care.

Never allow your pearls to come in contact with anything that contains acid. Avoid contact with bleach, ammonia, alcohol, and swimming pools. Always remove pearl rings before bathing or washing dishes. Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on pearls. Over time, acid and perspiration can dull pearls. The luster of your pearls can be preserved by occasionally cleaning them with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Follow this with drying and polishing with a clean, soft cloth. This simple care will insure the lasting beauty of your pearls.


How to Care for Opal Inlay

Our Na Hoku opal inlay pieces use high quality Australian crystal opal. Opals are delicate gemstones and require special attention and care.

The best way to avoid damage to an opal is preventative care. Remove opal jewelry when showering, swimming, or washing your hands. It is best to remove your opal inlay pieces when doing any sort of activity that could bring the stone in contact with hard surfaces. Never allow your opal Inlay to come in contact with anything that contains acid. Avoid contact with bleach, ammonia, alcohol and swimming pools. Always remove opal inlay rings before bathing or washing dishes. Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on opal inlay. Over time, acid and perspiration can dull opal inlay.

Opals can be sensitive to sudden changes in temperature or extreme changes in humidity levels.

Opals should be cleaned gently. To clean, wipe with a damp soft cloth; never soak or immerse in water for long periods of time. Opals should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner and avoid exposure to bleach, chemical cleaning fluids, and salt water.


How to Care for Koa Inlay

Our Koa Inlay Jewelry collection is designed to be regularly worn and enjoyed; however, exposure to salt water, soaps, cleaning agents, and chemicals can have an effect on the jewelry and on the inlay.

While the Koa Inlay has a protective coating, we recommend removing your Koa Inlay Jewelry before washing with soap, bathing, or swimming.

Koa Inlay Jewelry can be cleaned with a lightly moistened, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid soaking in water, cleaning solutions, or ultrasonic cleaners.


How Pearls Grow

An oyster produces a pearl when an irritant becomes trapped inside the oyster. The irritant can be any type of foreign material. The oyster responds to the presence of the irritation by producing nacre. The nacre coats the irritation to produce a pearl.

Nacre is a complex mixture of calcium and proteins. The special way the calcium and proteins in nacre are joined makes it both hard and lustrous when layer upon layer of nacre is combined. The beauty and luster of your pearls are the result of hundreds and hundreds of layers of nacre.

This is the reason that each oyster must receive the best care for several years while it makes your pearl. The small seeds or irritants used in the cultured oysters we sell come from carefully selected mollusk shells which grow in the Mississippi River area. After being cut into round seeds and carefully polished, the pearl seeds are surgically inserted into the body of the oyster.

Every oyster is implanted with one pearl seed–and very rarely, two seeds–along with a small piece of mantle, a tissue that secretes mother-of-pearl and produces the nacre to coat the pearl seed. The beauty of your pearls reflect the skill of pearl culturing developed over generations and the years of care that each oyster received.